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Ramute Lukstaite, Business Development Manager in Legal Department, MONLEX

Ramute Lukstaite


Areas of expertise

International Law


Spanish, English, Russian, Italian

Professional experience

Ramute holds the position of Responsible for Business Development and Marketing at MONLEX, leveraging her expertise as a legal advisor in the private business sector. She joined the MONLEX team in July of 2012 and has been an integral part of driving the firm’s growth and success.

As the Responsible for Business Development, Ramute plays a crucial role in identifying and analyzing growth opportunities for the firm. Her keen insights and strategic approach contribute to shaping the firm’s expansion plans, ensuring that it stays ahead in a dynamic legal landscape.

Moreover, Ramute provides invaluable support in executing business development strategies and meticulously monitors their implementation to achieve optimal outcomes. She is actively involved in forging and managing external partnerships, fostering collaborations that enhance the firm’s capabilities and offerings.

Additionally, Ramute takes charge of international coordination and oversight of cases that involve multiple law firms. This responsibility ensures that clients’ interests receive robust and comprehensive representation, regardless of their geographical location. By closely collaborating with various legal teams worldwide, she guarantees that clients receive the highest level of legal support and advocacy wherever their legal matters arise.

Through her dedication and proficiency, Ramute has proven to be a driving force in MONLEX’s growth and market positioning.

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