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Marc Ripoll, Senior Lawyer in Legal Department, MONLEX

Marc Ripoll


Bachelor in European, International and Comparative Business Law from the University of Le Havre (France). Accredited Degree of “Bachelor’s in Law” (Spain).

Member of the Balearic Islands Bar Association (ICAIB) with the number 4692.

Areas of expertise

Commercial Law

Corporate Law

Contract drafting

Civil Law and International Law


Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German

Professional experience

Marc Ripoll is a Senior Lawyer with extensive experience in Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Contract Drafting, Civil Law, and International Law. His broad and diverse career has been shaped by working in renowned law firms in France, the United Kingdom, and Spain, honing his legal skills in an international context.

Since joining MONLEX in 2006, Marc has become a valuable team member, contributing his vast knowledge and experience to the firm’s success. His comprehensive understanding of both national and international legal frameworks enables him to provide exceptional legal advice to clients across various sectors.

Dedicated to excellence, Marc is committed to delivering tailor-made legal solutions that align with the specific needs of his clients. His meticulous approach in contract drafting, corporate affairs management, and civil dispute resolution has cemented his reputation as a reliable lawyer, esteemed for his pragmatic and results-oriented perspective.

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