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We combine the business philosophy of a local firm, close to its clients, and the intellectual capital of a global advisory firm: we make knowledgeable and rapid decisions and offer solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs. If you want the reliability of first-rate legal advisory services and the flexibility of personalized attention, your legal partner is MONLEX.

José Antonio Fernández de Alarcón Roca and Antonio Serra Serra are the founding partners of MONLEX in Spain.

In 1987, José Antonio Alarcón started practicing law and worked as a legal advisor for companies. Ever since he has been linked to the business world. The areas of Commercial and Labor Law, combined with the specialty of Tourism Law and International Investments generated by the worldwide expansion of its clients, led to a solid growth and a proven specialization of the entire legal team. The partnerships with law firms in other countries with which it has been working for many years definitely shape the projection for the future.

Also in the late 80’s José Antonio Alarcón initiated contacts with law firms in countries where the expansion of tourism companies demanded a professional and reliable service. The first relationship was established with the firm in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and since then the alliance of services has not stopped growing; USA, Mexico, Portugal, Jamaica, Tunisia, Cyprus, Cape Verde, Morocco, Bulgaria, etc.


Antonio Serra Serra

Since 1994, Antonio Serra Serra contributes to the international expansion of different Spanish tourism companies, by planning the corporate development, as well as the tax handling in each of the destination countries, collaborating with specialized professionals in each of the countries.

For their clients in Spain, they co-operate with various legal departments to design the most appropriate corporate and tax structures for every activity and each investment.


 José Pradel Alfaro

José Pradel Alfaro has been a partner of MONLEX since 2004. He has a long professional career. Being specialized in tax advice to tourism companies, he is currently tax advisor to several companies and prestigious hotel chains both inside and outside our islands. He also holds the position of member of the Board of Directors of relevant multinational tourism companies.

MONLEX combines the delivery of global legal services (in multiple specialties and throughout Spain), with the same working philosophy that is inherent to traditional law firms, such as proximity, a flexible service and direct contact between the client and the lawyer-director of the place where the matter is being treated, with the advantage of having consolidated and prestigious law firms throughout the national territory.

MONLEX is a member of HISPAJURIS, which is the leading Spanish network of law firms. This network is the largest legal services organization in Spain, with 45 integrated law firms spread throughout the country. Created in 1993, it is an innovative alliance of leading local law firms, which reinforces the competitiveness of its member firms. In addition, it offers the clients of the network and of each firm (whether individuals, professionals or companies) an offer of multidisciplinary legal services with wide territorial coverage, through coordination and collaboration between firms.

Due to the way that we see the world of law and business, it is essential for us to carry out Corporate Social Responsibility actions. In this sense, MONLEX voluntarily advises associations that focus their efforts on projects related to children and health. We feel special affection for the work of the Pro Nins Association, ABAM (Balearic Association of Breastfeeding) and the Campaner Foundation, which dedicate their work to improve the quality of life of underprivileged children.

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