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Episode 7: Impact of New Regulations on Restaurants and Leisure in 2024

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Legal Talks by MONLEX are a series of monthly video discussions hosted by MONLEX Abogados. Each episode features an expert panel discussion focusing on current legal issues relevant to the tourism industry.

The dynamic tourism sector faces a new regulatory landscape in 2024. In this seventh episode of Legal Talks by MONLEX, we address the implications of these regulations for the restaurant and leisure sectors, two fundamental pillars of the tourist experience.

Moderated by:

Miquel Planas, Lawyer at Monlex

Our expert panel includes:

  • Juan Miguel Ferrer Amengual, Vice President of the Association of Restaurants of Mallorca belonging to CAEB
  • Miguel Perez-Marsá Roca, President of the Balearic Association of Leisure and Entertainment (ABONE)

This episode’s “Key Takeaway” is brought to you by José Antonio Fernández de Alarcón, Founding Partner at MONLEX Abogados. Today, José Antonio offers us a legal perspective on the regulations and their impact on mature tourist areas.

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Senior Lawyer specialized in labor, corporate, and procedural law, with experience representing tourism companies and industry associations. Provides guidance on business and real estate transactions and resolves civil and commercial disputes through mediation.
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