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At MONLEX, we understand that effective legal counsel goes beyond mere transactions. Our team of specialized lawyers combines strategy and experience to support businesses and associations in all stages of their development, offering personalized and expert legal solutions in areas ranging from commercial law to intellectual property.

Monlex International Lawyers is your partner for all your legal necessities.

At Monlex we guarantee a comprehensive consultancy in all the areas of law and business economics. Our service is characterized by a personalized, efficient and honest approach.

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Tourism Law and Legal Tourism Advisory - MONLEX

Tourism Law

At MONLEX, we specialize in Tourism Law, providing expert legal counsel for the tourism industry. Our team of specialized lawyers is dedicated to supporting tourism operators, travel agencies, and other sector stakeholders in all their legal needs, from regulatory compliance to litigation representation. We focus on maximizing opportunities and minimizing risks, ensuring that your tourism business thrives in this dynamic and constantly evolving sector.

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Corporate Law

Corporate Law regulates and organizes the operation of companies, that is, their business activity. Since companies have a great number of different activities, Corporate Law involves several branches of law such as: corporate law, civil law, economic criminal law, administrative law, tax law, technology law, intellectual property, amongst others.

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Regulación de alquiler turístico en la Unión Europea y Ley de Alquiler en las Islas Baleares 2023.

International Investments

In the globalized world in which we live, it is necessary to put our knowledge, management and problem-solving skills at the service of our clients so that their investments or the activity of their company are not limited to the national sphere.

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Labor Law

When we speak of Labor Law, we refer to a series of legal rules that regulate the relationship between workers and employers. Its purpose is to create a framework of mutual rights and obligations, by combining the protection of the employee’s rights with the organizational powers of the business activity. It also establishes measures of internal and external flexibility which allows the company to adapt to the changes that occur in its production process or in the market in which it offers its products or services. 

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Contentious & Litigation Law

A litigation reveals the existence of a legal dispute between two parties, natural or legal persons, arising from an incompatibility of interests between them. This disagreement or dispute gives rise to the intervention of the Courts of Justice, which resolve it through legal proceedings and involve the intervention of lawyers. Thus, when two opposing parties have not been able to reach an agreement on a specific matter, they reach a litigation seeking a legal resolution.

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Mediation is a voluntary process in which two or more parties involved in a conflict work with an impartial professional to generate their own solutions and attempt to resolve their differences. 

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European Union Community & Lobbies Law

The European Union has its own legal framework, which is independent of international law. The EU law has a direct or indirect effect on the laws of all its member states and becomes part of the legal system of each member state. The European Union in itself is a legal authority.

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Banking & Finance Law

In a broad sense, banking law is the set of all the legal, regulatory and administrative norms that regulate banking activities, considering as such those of banks and those entities of the financial sector that have been assimilated to banks for the purpose of subjecting them to the same regulatory norms.

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Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Insolvency Law

Insolvency Law regulates both the judicial procedure of the insolvency of creditors in court, as well as instruments that seek to solve that the debtor, company or individual, can avoid being forced to go to court, through out-of-court payment agreements or refinancing agreements and facilitate solving the problems of financial insolvency.

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Criminal Law

Criminal law is the branch of public law that refers to crimes and penalties established within the penal code and therefore part of the Penal Law. Laws that must be respected and once violated evoke sanctions, both for individuals and, in some cases, legal entities.

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Family Law

Family Law is the set of legal norms and institutions that regulate the personal and patrimonial relations of the members of a family, defined as a natural and social institution. This law is part of the Civil Law, which governs the main aspects of this specialization. It is completed with a series of specific laws established to adapt the social reality of the family.

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Immigration Law

The Immigration Law is the set of rules that regulate the rights and obligations of persons who are in another State or country that is not their own.

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Directiva de la UE sobre viajes combinados

Audiovisual & Entertainment Law

Audiovisual Law is a new discipline in the Legal landscape that arose at the end of the 19th century and expanded in the 20th century as a result of the new technologies that were introduced, creating new realities, which led to the need to adapt it to the regulations in place.

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New Technologies Law

The development of new information and communication technologies has led to the emergence of new technical processes that allow a massive flow of information. As a result, law has had to adapt to these innovations and new practices.

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Aviation Law

Aeronautical Law, also called Aviation Law, is the set of principles and norms, of Public and Private Law, of national and international order, which govern the institutions and legal relations born from the aeronautical activity or modified by it.

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Nautical Law

Nautical law is understood as the area of law that regulates the legal relationships related to recreational boating and the nautical industry, applying national or international regulations according to the needs of each case. In a more extensive way, nautical law covers all issues that may arise in Maritime Law, Transport, Nautical Law and Transport and Nautical Insurance.

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